Orders not processing, or not processing correctly

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Orders not processing, or not processing correctly

Postby Phaethon » 14 Apr 2020, 10:56

I've been running into issues in both of my current games.

In a friends game (167272) there are multiple countries who say that they've put in orders for multiple seasons which have been replaced with hold orders, or in the build phase no builds.
Last season Austria said they put in orders using the menu based order entry, clicked submit orders, and checked the order graphics to make sure that they'd been entered correctly, the orders were replaced with what looks like and NMR. Since it's a friends game we're using communication off the platform in addition to on platform communication, and the player has been communicative enough to make be levied that an NMR is very unlikely. The same goes for France, they said last winter that they put in a build which wasn't processed, which I thought was a one time mistake on their part. At this point there have been enough issues with enough different players that I think it might be server side and not the fault of the players.

In my current ranked game (167453), I'm relatively certain I put in a build for a fleet which has now processed as a build for an army - though that could be a mis-click by me still. With the pattern I noticed in my friends game I thought it might be worth investigating.
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