Convoy bug?

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Convoy bug?

Postby Teraptus » 03 Apr 2008, 21:53

Game Name: Penguin attack
phase: Spring 1902

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but wondering why the convoy that France offerd caused the support into Burgundy to fail?

English Channel CONVOY Belgium to London -> Convoy destination error f eng c a bel - lon
Paris MOVE Burgundy -> Bounced
Burgundy MOVE Marseilles -> Bounced

Munich SUPPORT Belgium to Burgundy -> Supported ordre does not correspond
Kiel MOVE Heligoland Bight -> resolved
Berlin MOVE Kiel -> resolved
Belgium MOVE Burgundy -> Convoy destination error f eng xxx
Denmark MOVE Sweden -> Bounced
Holland MOVE Belgium -> Bounced
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Re: Convoy bug?

Postby behnam » 03 Apr 2008, 23:42

Looks like a bug to me...the convoy should have had no effect on the order for Belgium

What probably happened is that the game tried to convoy Belgium to Burgundy using the English Channel, but since that is not possible, it didn't go through...
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Re: Convoy bug?

Postby minus_273c » 07 Apr 2008, 19:41

Game Buckden Backstabbers 2
Fall 1901

2 Sets of failed convoy orders, showing similar symptoms, and fuming England & Italy players.
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