King of Europe Build Error

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King of Europe Build Error

Postby HolgerDanske » 25 Mar 2008, 23:19

Have two builds. Entered one, then another. Then decided to change one... and cannot. I have three possibilities only, but whenever I click whichever of the centers is not selected as one of the two build sites, then the first changes to that site. The second build cannot be undone or changed. I cannot find a way to simply cancel that build order.

I don't want to give specifics because it's an active game, but here's a nutshell version:

I have centers A, B, and C.

My initial orders were to build in B and C.

I decided I wanted A instead of C.

I click on A to order a build... and it replaces the order to build in B with an order to build in A.

Okay, so now I click on B, figuring that will override the order to build in C. Nope, the order for A switches to an order for B.

I should mention that C is a coastal territory and I AM able to switch whether I want to build a fleet or army, but I cannot simply back out of C or replace it with a build order for A or B.

Damn frustrating. There should really be an option to "Cancel Build Order" or something.
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Re: King of Europe Build Error

Postby Master Radishes » 26 Mar 2008, 00:04

There is. Go to the "Orders" tab at the top, and you should see little (X)'s beside each order. Click those (X)'s to erase your order, and then try again. If it doesn't work then, then you have a problem. ;)
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Re: King of Europe Build Error

Postby mdmuff » 26 Mar 2008, 02:02

Are you using Internet Explorer?

I had a similar problem when using IE, then switched to Firefox and it would let me cancel the build under the "orders" tab.
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