Surrendered Country not auto destroying

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Re: Surrendered Country not auto destroying

Postby super_dipsy » 23 Jun 2012, 06:35

I've got that strong feeling of deja vu - again.

But since it is easier to retype than try to find the other threads where this was discussed, here it is again. I know it is confusing, so no problems repeating it - this wont be the last time ;)

The general philosophy as Craw/Asudevil said is that the game tries to balance between giving players a chance to take over a surrendered country (which is preferred) or carrying on without the missing country to avoid delaying the rest of the players.

During the turn in which a country surrenders, the turn will not process if the surrendered country is not finalized. The deadline will run to its full length, but of course a new player could take up the surrendered country and then finalize as usual.

After that, the process is as follows. Whenever someone in a game with active players finalizes, the game checks to see if he or she was the LAST active player to finalize. During this check, surrendered countries (that were surrendered in a previous turn and are still surrendered) will NOT be counted. So once all active players finalize, the game will proceed immediately regardless of the surrendered countries. But there is a special case. In a retreat or build phase, it is possible that the ONLY country (or countries) with actions is a surrendered country. In this scenario, the turn does not finish immediately (as might be implied from the previous sentence) but instead starts normally, once again to offer a potential joiner the opportunity to join the game as the surrendered country and enter a proper retreat or build phase order. However, as soon as ONE other player clicks finalize (even though they have no orders) then the turn will now process. This is to avoid players having to wait for the entire phase deadline every time.

I hope this helps. I know it is tricky, just ask if you are still unclear. In case it helps, here is some pseudo-logic for you.

- If a country surrendered THIS PHASE and has not been replaced yet, continue to wait for the phase deadline
- Else
- If all active countries THAT HAVE ACTIONS are finalized, process turn immediately
- Otherwise continue to wait until the phase deadline

- Next phase ALWAYS happens, even if only surrendered countries have actions
- (but see above when finalize is clicked by a player)
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Re: Surrendered Country not auto destroying

Postby asudevil » 23 Jun 2012, 16:08

Ok, so I was right, but the reason that retreat wasnt finalizing was because it was the ONLY retreat...but as long as one person hits finalize, (even with no orders) it will go right away. least Im mostly right.
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