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Bugs forum guidelines

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2011, 22:35
by super_dipsy
Bugs Policy
If you think you’ve found a bug, even if you are not sure, please post it in this forum. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of the site, and the player community provides the ideal source of testing and bug detection. While we are proud of the current level of quality, this has largely been brought about by the vigilance of site members, so please keep it up!

As a general guideline, it is always most helpful if you can provide the game number, or failing that the game name. This really saves admin time, and makes it far more likely that your problem will get speedy attention.

Of course, anyone hit by a real or perceived bug will want to see the matter resolved, which is perfectly understandable. All bug reports will be investigated, of course, but in order to avoid disappointment it may be worth setting the expectation level for bug resolution in game terms. The general site policy is that Admin will only consider altering game history/status if there is clear evidence of a site problem. Even if Admin do find clear evidence, it may not always be possible to repair the situation based on factors such as how far the game has moved on or the complexity of the situation, although every effort will be made to do so.

As a general rule, the following guidelines may be helpful to set realistic expectations:

Situations where a game history adjustment may be possible include
- The game has been affected as a result of a server or system failure
- An adjudication seems to be incorrect.
- A phase seems to have been missed.
- There appears to be a problem with the scoring.
- The game does not seem to be behaving as it should be.

Situations where a game history adjustment is extremely unlikely to be made
- "I mis-entered an order but the system let me do it" (illegal orders, coast problems, etc)
- "I never made that order, I ordered something different"
- "Although the timer was on 0 the phase had not changed so I was trying to change my orders but they didn't take properly"
- "If I had known the judge would adjudicate my orders that way, I would have ordered something different"
- "I missed my builds because I couldn't log on"
- "The problem happened more than one turn ago"

Of course, reporting the bug, whether real or perceived, is stil valuable even if it is unlikely to result in a change to your game. It may still lead to problems being fixed so that others do not run into them. One word of warning however. In very rare situations, players have been known to use posts in the bugs forum as an adjunct to their in-game tactics - perhaps to excuse not making an order agreed with an 'ally' for example. Deliberately misusing the bugs section to support in-game activities is considered a form of cheating on this site.

Anyway, please go ahead and post anything you think is wrong - the worst that can happen is Admin will not agree it IS a bug ;) And also, don't forget that this section can be used for bugs with forum activities as well as Diplomacy games - indeed, it covers anything on the site.

Re: Bugs forum guidelines

PostPosted: 13 Jan 2011, 07:56
by super_dipsy
Aplogies to all for locking the topic, I had meant to leave it open for comment. We are always interested in feedback on site policy to help us improve it wherever possible. Please feel free to comment.