no register email

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no register email

Postby balamory » 19 Mar 2017, 23:53

I've a friend trying to register for a game but she doesnt get a confirm your address email.

Is she doing something wrong?
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Re: no register email

Postby asudevil » 20 Mar 2017, 00:19

Have her email the mod button.

But assuming she checked spam...then it may depend on her email address. Some servers have us marked as so spam we don't even show up in the spam folder (hotmail does this). A work around is to use a gmail account and then have it set up to forward to her main account.
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Re: no register email

Postby duckling » 20 Mar 2017, 16:10

Some servers have us marked as so spam we don't even show up in the spam folder (hotmail does this)

Actually, as of a couple of months ago, Hotmail doesn't. But for some reason the provider I've used for many years ( now doesn't let it through. And pretty much every other provider I've had , not including Google, blocks it.

There is something about the format or sending server that makes playdip messages look terribly like spam to filter providers. Too bad, and it should be a solvable problem, but until then sticking with a Google is the safest option, I guess.
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