send message bug?

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send message bug?

Postby Wethalon » 21 Jan 2022, 05:43

I accidentally clicked twice on "send message". a screen saying "duplicate message" appeared, but the duplicate message is now listed in my Sent box with a blank recipient field. i hope it wasn't sent to everyone :-)
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Re: send message bug?

Postby Solar Flare » 22 Jan 2022, 06:00

What did the message say?

;) :D :twisted:
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Re: send message bug?

Postby MSC_1914 » 09 Jun 2022, 11:53

Hey, I am having trouble sending PMs which is annoying 'cause I can receive them but not answer. The messages, once written and submitted, will stay in the Outbox forever, and not get sent. I used to be able to send them from my cell phone, but after the site's recent update that doesn't seem work either. Anyone encountering similar problems, and maybe, found a solution? Thanks a million!
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Re: send message bug?

Postby super_dipsy » 29 Jun 2022, 07:24

Sorry, I didn't see this earlier.

On the forum, messages stay in your outbox until at least one recipient opens it. Once that happens, the message then moves into your Sent folder.
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