How Tournaments works

The site's rules for running a tournament and some guidance on how to run tournaments.

How Tournaments works

Postby rick.leeds » 26 Oct 2010, 17:21

1. Idea for a NEW tournament
Post the idea for discussion, providing details and rules, in the main section. When you have the idea ironed out, then accept sign-ups.

2. Suggestion to start a NEW, EXISTING tournament
Again, float the suggestion in the main section, either providing a copy of rules and details or a link to the Finished sub-forum where the past tournament is.

3. When the tournament is READY TO START
PM rick.leeds and have him open a sub-forum in Active and move the thread(s) for the game there.
All posts for the game should go in the sub-forum.

4. When the tournament is FINISHED
PM rick.leeds and have him move the sub-forum to Finished.

If possible, the retiring TD should post for a replacement in the main section as well as posting the tournament is on hold in the sub-forum. PM rick.leeds to move the game to On Hold.
If players suspect a TD has "gone missing", they should PM rick.leeds. He will attempt to contact the TD to find out what is happening, and will move the game to On Hold.

If a tournament LOSES A NUMBER OF PLAYERS and the TD wishes to put the game on hold for a time
The TD should announce this in the game's sub-forum and advertise for players in the main section. PM rick.leeds to put the game in On Hold.
Should the TD decide the tournament needs to be ended, come to a suitable arrangement with the surviving players and, when resolved, finish the tournament.

If tournament rules allow, advertise for players in the main section. The game should not be put on hold for one or two players dropping out, however. This can be covered by extending the game deadlines.

All other matters relating to the game should be posted in it's sub-forum.
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