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Middle East II AAR's

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2009, 22:25
by Tooth1066
First off, congrats to Arabia (Deanchuk) and Syria (Warsmith) for their victory in Middle East II.

Feel free to post your AAR's

We will also use this thread for ideas about changing the map some.

Re: Middle East II AAR's

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2009, 22:47
by Blammo!
Don't have much to write with such a short game.

I planned to ally with Syria right away, later Warsmith had to step in because the other guy was NMR. He let me believe he wanted to ally with me as well, so I was planning to move south. He stabbed me took 1 SC and the game ended :).

Re: Middle East II AAR's

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2009, 23:12
by Thor
I had peace with Syria. But It didn't change much. Later nog vrede gesloten met Cyprus. The communication with isreal wasn't good. And there wasn't much space to fight arabia. A short game.

Re: Middle East II AAR's

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2009, 00:05
by deanchuk
In the start of the game i saw the map, and looked at it and said "wow, who can beat me and Israel?" i teamed up with him right away. When Warsmith joined the game he messaged me and was very very interesting about us working together, he already said his plans for the rest of the game, a war in Cyprus sounded very good to me. And we decided il get AARD, what a great deal? But i didnt decide yet in Spring orders, since all was planed.
I got AARD like Israel hoped to and Syria agreed to me, and from there i had a very hard time to decide:
1) Go together with israel, sord of give up for the Sinai front and go for Jordan - Syria.
2) Get Jordan, smash Israel fast with Syria and together move against Sinai and Egypt.
1) From the first game i learned that a Syrian - Arabian war is very long, and even if il get Tadmur its not so hard to kick me out of it in the 1902 spring.
2) How could i trust Syria not to stab me? He offered me AARD!!! what can you ask more from an ally?!?!?!

And seriously, what would you prefer?!

It got even shorter then i expected, he was great and made Cyprus attack Egypt, making an easy Sinai front for me in the future, while we were taking Israel in 2 years, and with so much armies to move to Sinai.


Now, i was suprised that this game was so short, while the last game was VERY LONG.
How is it that this game ended after 2 years while the first round ended after 10 years?
There is only one answer for this game: FINDING AN ALLY.

For the next game

I want to develep this game for the new level, but i dont want it to be public.
I would like to form a small team that will help me develop it (Tooth1066, ...). I had some people in mind and every active and known player could join it. But of course you can write tips and suggestions here.

The third round will be interesting.

Re: Middle East II AAR's

PostPosted: 21 Oct 2009, 00:34
by deanchuk
Guys, i am working on the new middle east map!
Will be really fun!

Hope to finish it soon!