Mario World Fall 1981 build

GM: Trouble. game ended with no resolution.

Mario World Fall 1981 build

Postby JoBoBS » 17 Sep 2009, 05:35

Wario Land (Tooth1066)

Army: The West Crater (build)
Army: Volcano's Base (build)
Army: Sea Turtle Rocks (build)

Bowser's Kingdom (coolcam262)

Bulid penguin in koopa troopa castle (build)
Build bowser in bowsers castle (invalid order, only one hero allowed on the board per player.)

Boo's Haunted Domain (Firestorm94)

Army Boo's Mansion (build)

Guppy Bight (The Doctor)

Fleet in Guppy's Gulf (build)
Fleet Secret Undersea Cavern (build)

Yoshi's Island (wmlawman)

Build an army on Burt the Bashful's Fort (build)

Mushroom Kingdom (jstott the creative)

Build fleet Donut Plains (build)
Build Army Peaches Castle (build)

Mario stood at the edge of the field. He could see the feral swordfish off at the coast, resting. He knew it was just a matter of time before that fish came to get him, along with all the other fish in the sea.
He opened a portal to Peaches Castle, where his generals were, and ordered the rousing of one group of militia from the peasants around the castle, and for a whale to be captured off the coast of Donut Plains, to begin the necessity that is war.

Donkey Kong Country (Thungbard)

Fleet in Cotton Top Cove (build)
Army in Chimp Caverns (build)

So Boo reveals himself on the warp pipe (so he didn't get very far). Wario builds three armies, waging a land war perhaps on both his northern and southern fronts. Yoshi sends a spear shy guy to attempt to defend his country. Will he prevail, or will Yoshi, like last time, fall first?
Guppy, Wario, Yoshi, and Boo have all used their abilities already, but Bowser, Mario, and Donkey Kong have been saving theirs. Is next turn the time to unleash their powers, or will they continue to use restraint? Will Mario go super-mushroom and take all he can from Donkey Kong? Will Donkey Kong start throwing bananas, sending all opponents slipping away from him? Will Bowser heat things up and rain down fire upon his enemies? These are uncertain times, and I am quite uncertain as to what will happen next. Let's find out.

Spring 1982 orders are due Saturday, September 19th, by 11:59 PM EST!!

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