Substitute player(s) wanted

GM: Magmaniac. game ended with no resolution.

Substitute player(s) wanted

Postby Wellington » 11 Jun 2009, 05:31

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Re: Substitute player(s) wanted

Postby Arilia » 15 Jul 2009, 12:27

I hereby wish to resign my leadership over the extending lands of Mordor. As Dark Lord I regret my foul attempts to conquer entire Middle-Earth. Instead I shall be more attentful towards others. I will transcend to another world, which is simply called 'Earth' and dwell in the lands of 'Peru' as a volunteer in various projects.

This will make me unable to lead my Orcs over the plains of Middle-Earth. Yet, I hope someone else with gifted leaderschip, strategic insights and of course diplomacy will be able to make the best of that which I brought forth.


This variant was an awesome idea. I hope you will continue playing it, and adjust it untill it's very well balanced. I really enjoyed it. Thank you players and GM.
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