Arctic II game Ends!

GM: TheChosen1. GM closed the game in a 3-way draw - paulus (UK) / Jus (Russia) / The Doctor (Italy)

Arctic II game Ends!

Postby TheChosen1 » 24 May 2010, 17:12

I'll post the map of the last results like I promised (even that only paulus and Jus sended orders)

Arctic.gif (67.78 KiB) Viewed 1728 times

Because people are starting to forget about this game, and I have less time we will end the game now with a 3 way of England (paulus), Russia (Jus) and Italy (The Doctor).

You guys are welcome to post your AARs.
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Re: Arctic II game Ends!

Postby DOI » 24 May 2010, 18:18

Aww, my comeback is thwarted. But yeah, it turns out that trusting Japan and largely ignoring a strong 3-way alliance are both bad strategies as the US. Had a good thing with Britain at least.
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