Infinity Stones of Manipulation

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Infinity Stones of Manipulation

Postby umbletheheep » 29 Nov 2019, 17:55

New Briefing Series - In comic book lore, the infinity stones represent ultimate power. If one person possesses them, then his every desire will be realized with a snap of his fingers. Learning how to weaponize other people’s emotions is a powerful tool that might even seem godlike to some. I'll be writing about six emotions to control over the next several weeks starting with greed next week. Which emotions do you like to control the most?

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Re: Infinity Stones of Manipulation

Postby eaterofworlds » 05 Dec 2019, 09:02

I recently played against an opponent who would occasionally send me taunting messages about how the rest of the board was laughing at my incompetent tactics. Interesting approach to go fishing for an opponent's anxiety. Since losing is my style, it only bothered me for about 2 minutes. This guy was also very effective at convincing others he was allied with them while simultaneously attacking them.

Despair is the best emotion of all in an opponent. Once they've given up and stop caring, they are easily overrun. But the best way to achieve that is dominant tactics, not clever words.
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