The Game of Diplomacy by Richard Sharp

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Re: The Game of Diplomacy by Richard Sharp

Postby Conq » 10 Feb 2017, 20:18

Octavious wrote:I tend to avoid guides on strategy. As soon as you've learned a "right" way of doing something you've made yourself more predictable and less likely to do something interesting and dynamic.

Everyone has their own natural style. I dare say Sharp was pretty good, but his advice will be tailored to his style, and you will never be a better Sharp than Sharp. Best just to explore your own style and find what kind of play works for you.

I guess it depends on what you're using Sharp for. I wouldn't read his guide and decide to use all of his preferred openings and alliance pairings. What I would do, is read through the kinds of considerations he makes, and the kinds of messaging he suggests. There are treasures in his writings that go well beyond what moves or alliances might work the best.

But mainly, he is a talented and amusing writer who will hold your interest. That's why his book has so much staying power.
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