"Luck plays no part in Diplomacy." - Avalon Hill

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Re: "Luck plays no part in Diplomacy." - Avalon Hill

Postby Cardlinger » 02 Apr 2019, 17:40

Hi mekriff,

But the luck usually plays in that you just might get into a situation where you outread the opponent, or just a situation that (if your opponent was a bot) you should lose every time but your opponent just handles it really badly.

Isn't this conflating luck with tactics? I think of 'luck' as purely chance, so maybe the interpretation issue is there (maybe you think of luck as an assemblage of factors, only one of which is pure mathematical chance, and other things like tactics, metagame etc. play a part).

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Re: "Luck plays no part in Diplomacy." - Avalon Hill

Postby BrotherBored » 21 Jul 2019, 22:37

This discussion partly inspired me to write not one, but two posts for my blog. Thank you friends for sharing your thoughts on this topic. I hope you enjoy at least one of these blog posts (if you read them).

3 Reasons Why "Luck Plays No Part in Diplomacy"

Solo Win Tip #2: There's No Such Thing As Luck
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