Uneven attention alliances

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Uneven attention alliances

Postby lepetitmorticien » 14 Jan 2017, 10:21

Hi all, I'm in a game (1901, Classic, standard rules) where I and an opposite-theater power are easily the most engaged in the game. How do I decide whether to prepare for him as my long-term ally versus as my long-term adversary?

Specifically, I'm in a friends game. Everybody knows the identity of every power. I'm Germany; the other engaged power is Turkey. So I've been speaking to Austria and England about a long-term E-G-A-T system, to Russia about a "Northern Curtain" E-G-R (with early support from T or, preferably I), and to France about a more-secure-for-France-and-me F-G-R Northern Curtain. I think Italy and Turkey are the most reliable players, but a G-I-T alliance seems impossible without Britain signing on.
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Re: Uneven attention alliances

Postby Carebear » 14 Jan 2017, 10:24

Unfortunately, as an active game, I think talking about it is proscribed.
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Re: Uneven attention alliances

Postby Cardlinger » 14 Jan 2017, 15:14

As Carebear says, we can't weigh in on active games, even nebulously.

There are resources out there to look at alliances with opposite theatres / peripheral states though:

This link lists all alliances from likely to unorthodox, some of the pitfalls and areas to negotiate, how useful they are. Read up on some you may want to use, and/or be confused about, it may help.

This article discusses opposite theatre alliances including the named "wicked witch" (Turkey/England).

Google is a great resource, and Diplomacy's been around some time. Get reading and good luck!

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