Help requested on stalemate game

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Help requested on stalemate game

Postby Taycho » 10 Aug 2016, 19:55

Check the screenshot below we've been stuck for 4 years straight.
england-germany vs Austria-Turkey(me)

Anyone has any tips on how to proceed?
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Re: Help requested on stalemate game

Postby Zosimus » 10 Aug 2016, 19:56

Well, if you're looking for tactical advice, that I cannot give. However, there is some sort of an adjucation feature that allows games such as this one to be forced into a draw. Perhaps a moderator will know that information.
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Re: Help requested on stalemate game

Postby Durkeety » 10 Aug 2016, 20:03

Here are the Deadlock game procedures, but make sure you fit all of the requirements before contacting a Mod.

Definition of a Deadlocked Game.
A game reaches a deadlock when the players cannot end the game (a solo is effectively blocked permanently and draw proposals are not being accepted) and the situation in the game isn't going to change. The game may or may not be truly in stalemate. A deadlock is when players refuse to end the game.

Criteria for a Deadlock.
1. The game must be a Ranked or No Rank game and must not be a short-handed game.
2. The game must have been deadlocked for at least 3 game years. To qualify, within the last 3 years:
- there has been no change in alliance structure;
- there has been no change in SC ownership across opposing factions;
- at least 2 draw proposals including all surviving players, whether the game is set-up as a DIAS game or not, have been unsuccessful, and
- there is evidence that negotiations to end the game have been seriously tried and failed (NOT APPLICABLE IN GUNBOAT GAMES).
3. There are no live draw proposals in place.

Process for Referring a Deadlocked Game.
1. Referrals must be by Private Message only.
2. Players must provide the game name and number.
3. Players must show that EACH criterion above has been met.

Moderator Procedure.
A. Initial Assessment.
The investigating Mod will check that all the criteria have been met.
1. If the criteria is not met the Mod will reply to the player who referred the game explaining why no action will be taken. The explanation will refer to only the criteria above. No reference will be made to content of messages. The game cannot be referred again for another three game years.
2. If the criteria is met, the Mod will post in the games Public Press advising that the criteria for a deadlock have been met and inviting players to give their opinion on the game being deadlocked by PM. Opinions must be given and received within one whole game year and the Mod will give the date before which opinions must be given.

B. Second Assessment.
After the deadline given in (A.2) above, the Mod will:
1. Review the game in light of any discussion between the Mod and any players from the game.
2. Check for live draw proposals.
If the Mod feels the game is NOT deadlocked as a result of (B.1), this will be posted in Public Press and the game will continue. The game cannot be referred again for another 3 years.
If a Live draw proposal is in place, the Mod will allow the game to proceed until THAT proposal has passed. This will be posted in Public Press. If the proposal is not accepted, no subsequent proposals will prevent the Mod ending the game.
If the Mod feels the game is still deadlocked, the game will be ended.
NB: It should be noted that, if a game is referred for the DPG a second time, following a Mod allowing a game to continue due to reasons for the game NOT being deadlocked, the arguments given for why a game is not deadlocked will need to be very persuasive. The likelihood is that a second referral, where the criteria have been met on both occasions, is likely to result in the game being ended.

End Game Procedure.
1. The Mod will force the game to end.
2. The game will be ended with a DIAS draw featuring all survivors.
3. If the game was a Ranked game, it will remain a Ranked game.
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