Most Overrated/Underrated Alliances

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Re: Most Overrated/Underrated Alliances

Postby Octavious » 16 Sep 2016, 11:51

The FERGIT is pretty effective. You get a lot of those when I'm Austria.
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Re: Most Overrated/Underrated Alliances

Postby Carebear » 16 Sep 2016, 12:47

I prefer the FRIGATE alliance, though it obviously lends itself more to the Gunboat variant. :D
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Re: Most Overrated/Underrated Alliances

Postby eaterofworlds » 20 Sep 2016, 05:22

For underrated, AT comes to mind immediately. It requires discipline in the early stages, because it typically involves center swaps (Gre, Rum) and the Balkans are a natural stabbing ground. But Austria's fleet becomes a powerful front unit in support of Turkey's naval expansion, and Turkey's armies can be arranged to penetrate lock down Russia.

The Juggernaut's reputation is so axiomatic I wonder if a lot of experienced players just avoid it altogether. If the game involves players who aren't very good (e.g. there isn't a sound alliance in the west, Italy is fooled into breaking Austria's back) it can work out, but I'm rarely enthusiastic about it, especially as Russia. Turkey bears a lot less of the risk, though it's never particularly good if your ally gets crushed.

Any alliance with a player who isn't committed to it is overrated. There's nothing more frustrating than a sound tactical alliance undermined by a cheap stab.
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