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Who has more power in a 2 player game?

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Re: 2 Player Games

Postby Egroegw » 13 Jul 2016, 12:40

I believe that with good play, neither side will lose, even though E/F/R have an easier side to play. This reply will focus on A/G/T's disadvantages.

Disregarding Tunis, which is equidistant (!) from France and Austria-Hungary, E/F/T have 6 SCs handy vs. only 5 for A/G/T. Russia also starts off with an extra SC.

A/G/T: 4 Balkan SCs + Denmark;
E/F/R: 2 Benelux SCs + 2 SCs beside France + 2 Scandinavian SCs;

Also, at the start, dealing with a mischievous Warsaw army is just headache-inducing material.

Germany is vital for any winning hopes on the side of A/G/T. EFR can slap naval blockades almost immediately around Gibraltar and St. Petersbur, and only a Germany building fleets can possibly break that stalemate line. However, with England and France nearby, just keeping Germany alive is a lot of work. A/G/T would like to ideally secure Germany and take 3 Russian SCs, but that must happen while securing interests in the Mediterranean Sea.

Keeping equality as A/G/T? Difficult, yes, but definitely possible.
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