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Before posting here...

Postby rick.leeds » 13 Jan 2011, 16:32

Discussing strategy is a useful tool in learning Diplomacy and it's great to see this section of the forum in use regularly. There has grown a consensus that discussions in Strategy should not be about seeking direct help in a member's game, however. This can be seen as providing an advantage in that one player in the game can pool the knowledge, experience and advice from members of the community, whilst others battle on independently. As part of the policy of keeping games and the Forum separate as much as possible, therefore, we have decided to give this consensus a more solid basis.

What this means in practice is that players follow these two guidelines:
When discussing a situation or strategy, members DO NOT:
1. Provide a link to an active game they are in.
2. Refer to a situation in an active game they are in when posting, including posting game name and ID.

In other words, members should not refer directly to an active game they are playing.

This is part of a wider process and now against site rules (see House Rules - specifically Section C).
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Re: Before posting here...

Postby Niakan » 13 Jan 2011, 18:36

This is a good and long-needed rule. Thanks Rick.
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Re: Before posting here...

Postby Minneapolitan » 14 Jan 2011, 04:51

And while you're at it, noobies...

:idea: Many of your questions or ideas have likely already been addressed here in the Strategy Section.

:arrow: Please take some time to browse through the back pages of this Strategy Section. You'd be surprised how many topics are already here, and how quickly you can obtain knowledge from a current thread rather than waiting for your new thread to develop (and cluttering up our lovely homemade library of strategy!).

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Re: Before posting here...

Postby Pedros » 11 Dec 2012, 15:56

Using the Search box will speed up finding the answers!
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