What are alliances good for?

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What are alliances good for?

Postby BrotherBored » 27 Jun 2022, 02:51

This was originally recorded, I believe, over a year ago. It took me a really long time to get the audio fixed up, edited, etc. and deliverable in podcast format. However, I think it is well worth the wait as this is probably the best content ever released on the Diplomacy Dojo. I don’t mean best guest content, I mean the best content. Brandon Fogel is one of the truly great players and he lucidly and candidly explains how to think about and treat allies.You will not be disappointed with this content.

Diplomacy Dojo Episode “What Are Alliances Good For?” with Brandon Fogel (vWDC Masterclass)

In case anybody is curious about the cause of the delay, around the time we recorded this I moved across the U.S. for my job, bought a house, etc. and publishing all these recordings got on the back burner. BUT, I have lost nothing, and gradually I’m getting it all released. I’ve been using the patron patronage to hire people on Fiverr to help me with this stuff.
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