Anyone got Photoshop?

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Anyone got Photoshop?

Postby super_dipsy » 18 Dec 2022, 08:33

We are adding Escalation to the Versailles map, but the map image currently has the normal country names on the colours legend and it would be nicer to have the standard escalation general names. Trouble is I don't have Photoshop :(

Anyone with PS or an equivalent prepared to update the names in the image for me? if so, you could email me your contact info and I can send the image.
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Re: Anyone got Photoshop?

Postby Pootleflump » 18 Dec 2022, 15:43

Messaged you Dipsy

I can do it

Just email me exactly what needs changed and what it needs changed to

I promise not to hide a picture of my face somewhere on it
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