Orders Lists and Curly Quotes

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Orders Lists and Curly Quotes

Postby super_dipsy » 28 Sep 2015, 07:16

A couple of small changes, but I am posting them because this i messy stuff and it may be that some browsers react differently to others. So if anyone sees that these changes mess anything up or do not work for them, let me know what browser you are using.

When we added the new features to in-game message text, we introduced a problem when cut-and-pasting into your messages from Microsoft Word. Word uses curly quotes and a longer dash, and these were producing odd collections of symbols in messages. What should happen now is copy/paste should be fine except that the eagle-eyed will note the curly quotes have become normal ones. Same for the dashes.

The other change is for the Orders List in the game. People have forever been finding it difficult because when you have a lot of orders, the fact that wrapping text just goes at the start of the next line is a pain. It makes it quite hard to read what your orders are. The new change indents any word wrapping. So in other words, each new order starts at the beginning of the line, if an order is too long for the window width it will INDENT on the next line. Hopefully this will make it easier to understand,
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