Support to Hold changes

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Support to Hold changes

Postby super_dipsy » 31 Jul 2015, 06:50

My mind is going, I may have already mentioned this somewhere. But just to play safe...

There has been a small tweak to support to hold following a Suggestion that seemed to be popular with almost everyone. When you support a unit to hold now, the order message at the bottom of the map page will not say 'London support Wales to Wales' but will say 'London support Wales to Hold'. More importantly, this support to hold does not require coastal specifications.

So the critical example. If Moscow wants to support the fleet in St Petersburg (North Coast) to hold, you now click Moscow, then Support, then St. P, then St. P again. You will not be asked to specify a coast.
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Re: Support to Hold changes

Postby sjjbuckeye » 31 Jul 2015, 07:08

I'm pretty sure i say this for everyone. THANK YOU! You guys put in a lot of time to keep this thing running.
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Re: Support to Hold changes

Postby Gavrilo Princip » 31 Jul 2015, 07:11

Yup, love it. Thanks, Dipsy!
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Re: Support to Hold changes

Postby Elric Hazard » 31 Jul 2015, 10:22

well and quickly done!
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