Congress of Vienna Ends

Post Napoleonic Europe. Created by deanchuk. GMed by an49. 2-way draw - teldalati (Austria), Tooth1066 (Turkey)

Congress of Vienna Ends

Postby an49 » 12 Dec 2010, 21:56

Now then Cytherea has accepted the draw .

Then I declare Austria and Turkey as winners.

Well done.

With a bit more communication the Game would have gone to another end (maybe)
but now the A/T win is inevitable.

Thanks for playing

I would like to hear if this map is a bit unbalanced?
what do you think?
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Re: Congress of Vienna Ends

Postby Niakan » 13 Dec 2010, 08:51

GG everybody.

I sent you my thoughts on the map An. Sorry if it came off emotional, I'm having an emotional night right now lol.
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Re: Congress of Vienna Ends

Postby Tooth1066 » 14 Dec 2010, 21:11

I think something needs to be done with the Balkans, since there is no centers there it makes a "no mans land" and creates a natural alliance between Austria/Turkey. It also makes a war against Austria/Turkey less likely.

Also, I think the starting number of centers for each country should be decreased to "3" except for Russia and maybe Prussia. I think it will give more room for development so countries aren't forced to expand one way. Specifically in Spain, if there was a neutral spot between it and France I think it could help with expansion problem.
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