1900 IV - Spring 1912

GM: Waterice Man. WINNER: Andycooke (Russia).

1900 IV - Spring 1912

Postby Waterice man » 19 Feb 2011, 00:22

And we're back on track. I'm away tomorrow, so retreats are due Sun 19/02/11 at 3:00pm GMT

Spring 1912.gif
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Italy (Pedros)
F Damascus support Constantinople – Kon DOES NOT CORRESPOND CUT RETREAT
F Aegean support Constantinople – Kon DOES NOT CORRESPOND CUT
A Milan – Tyrolia BOUNCED
A Switzerland support A Milan – Tyrolia CUT
F Adriatic and A Venice, Bosnia support A Trieste holding BOS CUT RETREAT DESTROY
A Apulia - Rome
F Gulf of Lyons -Tyrrhenian Sea

Britain (lotr_freak)
Lon - Eng
Lvp - Iri
Nwg - NAO
Nwy - Nwg
Ska hold
Edi - NET
Yor - Lon
Nth con Edi - NET
Bel - Als
Col sup Bel - Als
Bur - Mar
Egy – Eas

Russia (AndyCooke)
Munich S Tyrolia-Switzerland CUT
Tyrolia-Switzerland BOUNCED
Bohemia-Tyrolia BOUNCED
Vienna S Bohemia-Tyrolia
Kiel S Munich to Hold
Armenia S Konya-Damascus
Serbia S Macedonia-Bosnia
Budapest-Trieste BOUNCED
A Moscow hold
A Sweden H
F Baltic S Sweden H
Ankara H
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Re: 1900 IV - Spring 1912

Postby Pedros » 20 Feb 2011, 18:30

Both Russia and England have 14 centres. Victory is 18 centres (unless it's 18 all) Russia and England gained one each in the Spring.

I merely point out these facts. The Italian military headquarters, as usual, welcomes all representations from other nations.
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