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Site Rules for Playing Games on the Forum

Postby rick.leeds » 25 Feb 2011, 18:43

There are now rules for participating in games on the Forum (either in Forum Games or Other Forum Games). This came up as there have been a number of cases where I was asked to investigate possible cheating. Not easy to investigate on the Forum, but possible. It occurred to me that cheating on the Forum didn't carry any specific penalty and wasn't covered by site rules. Although I doubt cheating has gone on, and probably won't go on, it seemed best to cover this contingency. I discussed this with GMs in both games sub-forums and rules have now been posted there (links below).

I hope this is over the top. I would like to think that people who are committed to the site enough to play on the Forum (rather than just being committed) have enough respect for the other members of the community to not cheat. There's no gain to it (but having said that what gain is there on cheating on the main site?). All it would do is annoy other members of the site and wreck the game for the players and the GMs who put so much time and effort into setting the games up. Basically, therefore, the rules are there to prevent that from happening.

Both sets of rules are very similar. The only real difference is that in Other Forum Games playing with an account that is not your main account is allowed if specifically within the game's rules. In Forum Games that doesn't seem to be needed.

The main point to note is that players should only use ONE ACCOUNT to play any games on the Forum (other than as described in the paragraph above). This means not just only having one account in one game, it means that the same account should be used in all games. This was a direct request of GMs. Another direct request from GMs relates to GM-ing games: GMs should not produce/publish/share adjudications/orders with players BEFORE deadline. Other than that the rules are pretty much what you would expect.

The other thing to remember is that GMs are the arbiters of who they allow to play in their games. If a GM feels something isn't right, they are free to expel a player from a game. However, if the evidence is PERSUASIVE members will be banned from the game sections of the Forum.

Rules for FORUM GAMES.

As I say, I hope this wasn't/isn't needed, but I'd rather cover the contingency before anything needs to be done instead of after the fact.
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