Rule Clarification

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Rule Clarification

Postby salminbel28 » 08 Mar 2021, 17:55

New to the game and trying to get a firm grasp on the rules before i get a group together to play. I need some help with a 2 on 1 situation.


Russia A Bud-Vie A Gal S A Bud-Vie

Ottoman A Vie-Bud

Basically, will Vienna and Budapest switch or is Vienna displaced?

Also, what would happen if Russia had the same order but Ottoman did: A Vie-Gal ?

Thanks! This game seems great but there seems to be a lot of tricky encounters that will take time to get the hang of sorting out. I appreciate your help!
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Re: Rule Clarification

Postby mjparrett » 08 Mar 2021, 18:10

Units can't switch places (unless one goes via convoy but lets not worry about that yet). The supported army wins and the losing army is displaces and needs to retreat or destroy. It CANNOT retreat to where the attacker came from (to carry on the whole can't switch places), not can it retreat to an areas that has been bounced in.

I recommend using the order solver feature which is great as well as joining a mentor game if you are brand new to this game as that will walk you through the basics of the moves but also give you a gentle introduction into all the diplomacy side of things!

Welcome and hope you enjoy your time here
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