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rules help

PostPosted: 10 Oct 2020, 15:45
by bearbles2
Hi I was wondering about the geography of the Helgoland Bight. It seems like there is a region of water to the east of the Kiel canal, is that water region part of Kiel or part of the Bight? Could I move from the Helgoland bight into the baltic sea in one turn, or would I have to go through denmark or kiel in 2 turns?

Re: rules help

PostPosted: 10 Oct 2020, 16:06
by V
Heligoland to Baltic is 2 moves (min) either route is the same.

Re: rules help

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2020, 20:06
by septante
Order Solver is also a very good tool when in doubt.