Can you cut support for an attack into your own province??

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Can you cut support for an attack into your own province??

Postby NicholasJaxson » 12 Sep 2020, 10:09

I had a situation similar to this:

Germany: A Pic-Bel, A Hol (s) Pic-Bel
France: A Bel-Hol, A Ruh (s) A Bel-Hol, A Bur-Bel

I was surprised that Picardy did not succeed into Belgium. Holland’s support seems to have been cut, but I didn’t think a piece in Bel can cut the support of an attack on itself.

Was this the correct resolution, that Bel-Hol succeeds, but Pic-Bel fails?
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Re: Can you cut support for an attack into your own province

Postby Solar Flare » 12 Sep 2020, 12:23

Yes, because Belgium to Holland had support, and so negated Holland's ability to support the move to Belgium - which bounced because it moved with the force of one, versus France's unit. If Holland had been supported to hold then its own support order would not have been negated, because it wouldn't have been dislodged. In short, if a unit is not dislodged, it can support a move against a unit that is attacking it. If it's dislodged its support is negated.
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Re: Can you cut support for an attack into your own province

Postby WHSeward » 13 Sep 2020, 01:50

The adjudication is correct, but I find Solar Flare's explanation a little confusing though he is right. The rule covering this case is glossed on our site as:
Game Rules wrote:
20. Dislodged units have no effect on the province where the unit dislodged it came from. Support orders from dislodged units are always cut.

So you are correct, NJ, a unit can't cut a support on an attack against itself just by moving there. (That is rule #19). But in this case, Bel didn't just move to Hol, Bel dislodged Hol. As a result, rule 20 governs and Hol has no effect on Bel (where the attack came from) and Hol's support is always cut (because it was dislodged.)
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