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Re: Builds and destroys

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2021, 17:38
by Del01
You can destroy a unit in the retreat phase if you have lost a territory - Then redeploy it in the build phase if you have enough SCs. Example....Russia loses his SC Fleet in Sweden but gains an SC in Bulgaria. Rather than retreat to the Gulf of Bothnia Russia destroys the Swedish Fleet and re-deploys an army in Warsaw (If open) during the build phase.

Re: Builds and destroys

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2021, 00:57
by David E. Cohen
Petunia wrote:
jonisilk wrote:Yeah, those are the rules I've looked at and while I agree it doesn't say you can do it, I still maintain that it doesn't say you can't.

It's not a real issue, but I do think it's a rule that has an ambiguity about it.

Well. The rules don't say that you can't disband a fleet and build a banana, either. Is it in your mind ambiguous and open to interpretation whether or not a banana can be built in a winter adjustment phase? Keep in mind that a banana can move up to three spaces at once, fly over land & sea spaces alike, and attack with a force of ten onto any space it can physically touch (when I was young my friends and I would scour the school cafeteria's fruit basket for the largest bananas we could find as it was just possible to get from London to Sevastopol if you found a really honkin' big banana). The rules don't prohibit any of this type of action, you know.

Banana Skagerrak-Moscow :lol: