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Before posting here.

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2014, 11:39
by rick.leeds
We recently updated the rules specific to this Forum. They are presented in the reddish/pink box above. The additions are 3 and 4.

We have these rules to prevent games being affected by the Forum as much as possible. We want players in a game to not be given an advantage by seeking strategy advice from the community. As such, questions should only request rule clarification and not seek advice to solve a problem in a game.

Rule 4 has been added for consistency, really: if we don't want members to ask for solutions to problems, we don't want members suggesting solutions when they haven't been asked for :lol: It's easy to do, I've done it myself.

What IS acceptable, then?
- Asking for rules clarification using alternative spaces in the game; eg if you are wanting to know what will happen in a situation involving units in Rumania, Black Sea and Sevastopol, setting the question in a similar setting such as Denmark, Kiel and Heligoland Bight.
- Asking for rules clarification using abstract concepts for spaces and units, eg Space A, Space B, Unit 1, Unit 2.
- Answering questions by explaining what the rules say and perhaps explaining why.
- Expanding on the situation to further clarify the rule, but NOT suggesting how the player could get around the problem s/he may be facing.

If the rules are broken by the player asking the question, the post details will be edited and an explanation why this action has been taken. If it is felt that the player is deliberately setting out to seek strategy advice rather than a rules clarification, Mods may give a warning, by PM or by the Forum system (an official warning) and, should this be repeated, players may be blocked from accessing this section of the Forum.

If, when answering a post, members give advice that may help the OP to get around a situation strategically the post will be edited and an explanation given.