How to message moderator about deadlocked game

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How to message moderator about deadlocked game

Postby Dorf Dorf » 03 Jun 2020, 07:32


I am in a deadlocked game where my alliance has a proper stalemate line and the other player is refusing to call it a draw just out of spite

according to the rules here i can get a moderator to review the deadlock viewtopic.php?f=659&t=48796#p817373

just wondering if there is a list of moderators i can message to review the deadlock?

Dorf Dorf
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Re: How to message moderator about deadlocked game

Postby Thyrfing » 03 Jun 2020, 09:01

Just open a message in the Bugs subforum. I think these are usually quick to fix.
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