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Postby ThomM » 02 Oct 2015, 18:26

I have a game that I am trying to set up that needs one more player.
I am also an active participant in a game. There is another player in that game who I find it to be congenial to engage in diplomatic exchanges, even though we are playing countries where our opportunities to work together are limited in the early stages of the game. He has commented that it is too bad I was not playing one of the countries on his side of the map, because we could form an effective alliance.

My question is whether it would be a violation of the letter or spirit of the rules to extend an invitation to him to join the pending game? Were he to accept, we would not have any pre-existing plan to work together. We would not even have an idea of what countries we would get. On the other hand, we would obviously both have an expectation of a high likelihood of working together. (Or else he is BSing me).

Also, if it would be okay, through what mechanism? Can I send him a PM while we are engaged in a game?
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Re: Invitations

Postby Alman » 02 Oct 2015, 19:09

This is a bit of a tricky one. It is perfectly ok and normal to invite someone you enjoy playing with to play with you. I often play with many of the same players as they have become onsite friends. However, enjoying playing with them can't become enjoying allying with them. At that point you are crossing into unfair advantages and that's what the rules seek to prevent. So, to try to answer you question, you can invite him, but you must really watch yourself that you aren't favoring him or vice versa because you enjoy working with him. Never overlook the fun and joy or stabbing a friend! :D

As far as communication goes, you can send him a PM about the other game, but all game related negotiations must be done in the game. And make sure you never, ever link two games.
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