House Rules - What is Cheating?

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Re: House Rules - What is Cheating?

Postby Thyrfing » 10 Feb 2011, 18:55

Ok, thanks for the concerns, if we do finally play the game, I'll be sure to send you a PM explaining the situation :D
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Re: House Rules - What is Cheating?

Postby Turkio » 17 Apr 2011, 07:26

There's a group of friends that I play Dip with here in town. I'm trying to get them on here to play online, as it will allow us to play when they start moving away after college. I would like to set up games in the following manner, and need to know if this violates the rules.

They will be password games.
The countries will be anonymous, so that we don't know who is each country.
All communication for each game will be through messages.

Let me know. Thanks.
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Re: House Rules - What is Cheating?

Postby sjg11 » 17 Apr 2011, 09:45

That's perfectly within the rules Turkio.
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Re: House Rules - What is Cheating?

Postby Pedros » 17 Apr 2011, 11:21

Two other points Turkio - it's probablybetter to make the game 'unranked' so there's no question of you favouring each other to fix the results and rankings ('metagaming'); and in the description pujt a note that it's a game between friends; because if one of you surrenders then it's open to other players to replace him/her, and it's only fair that they're warned!
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