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Postby DrunkWarGamer » 03 May 2020, 00:48

Are these methods to communicate appropriate? No issues either way, apologies if this is a naive question.
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Re: Zoom/Skype/etc...

Postby V » 03 May 2020, 01:08

EricNoland wrote:Are these methods to communicate appropriate? No issues either way, apologies if this is a naive question.

I understand in some of the play by forum contests such new methods are permitted, but not in a site Diplomacy game.
In fact it’s expressly forbidden to have out of game communication of any kind. I’m not good at finding official rules regarding the site, but I know it’s not allowed & the site moderators take action if it is ever discovered.
The only medium for communication allowed are the in game messages. All the best V
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Re: Zoom/Skype/etc...

Postby Nanook » 03 May 2020, 05:37

They're permitted in a friends game, not in a rank or norank game.
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(h/t lordelindel)

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Re: Zoom/Skype/etc...

Postby Malarky » 03 May 2020, 10:51

Rules of Fair Play, General Rules, Rule 8
8. Messaging Rules
The following rules are on player-to-player or power-to-power messages in a game. Although the main focus will be Ranked and No Rank games, these rules also apply in principle to all game types. However, in Schools games the Teacher will moderate content, and Friends games will be given more leeway to reflect tacit agreement among the friends on what is acceptable between them.
- Members are not allowed to send direct (power-to-power) messages in games repeatedly, ie 'flood' another player's inbox (based on a Mod's assessment)
- Messages should follow the same guidelines as PP, although since they are 'private' Mods will grant more leeway when judging inappropriate content
- Messages between players/powers must not be encrypted or coded in such a way as to make the message unintelligible.
NB: Non-English messages between native speakers in games are fine. If we can translate a message and it makes sense, there's no problem.
- Account holders must communicate about a game with other players using the in-game systems only. No out-of-game negotiations or communications are allowed.
Note on message accessability.
Mods need to see messages when investigating cheating accusations. If messages are encoded or outside the game system, this will NOT result in sanctions on their own.
This will, however, be taken as corroborating evidence if there is other evidence of possible cheating. For instance, should a Moderator find evidence of meta-gaming and be unable to discount this by looking at messages between the players or powers, this will add to the evidence that can be seen.
They WILL be taken as a reason to contact account holders so that the practices described stop.
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