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Requesting pauses

PostPosted: 21 Jun 2018, 22:48
by edmgrim
Why is it that we can see the results of a pause request until the first person disapproves the pause. I can understand with anonymous voting for draws, but with pause, I think that knowing who declined to allow the pause should not be protected by anonymity. It speaks to the sense of fair play and community.

Re: Requesting pauses

PostPosted: 21 Jun 2018, 22:54
by V
Except people are already using the pause function tactically & having a PP fight over the justification/refusal for a pause is not smart. Can you imagine how accusatory that could get?...
Better anonymity & a sulk methinks...

Re: Requesting pauses

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2018, 00:19
by edmgrim
...Except, most of the time, when a pause fails, everyone who accepted goes public leaving the person who declined apparent anyway and a PP storm develops anyway.

I've noticed a trend in the games where I have seen pauses requested:

In games where the person requesting the pause is a bit player or has the potential to influence the outcome without having an actual stake in the outcome,pauses almost always succeed.

In games where the person requesting the pause is losing, but still could recover, pauses usually succeed.

In games where the player requesting the pause looks like he is going to solo, pauses usually fail.

There is an honor code here at PlayDip. It addresses use of language, metagaming, and a few other behavioral concerns. I would like to think that, even if it is not easily enforceable, the use of the paue for strategic/tactical purposes should be (if not prohibited) strongly discouraged. And, at the very least, the votes on acceptance/declining pauses should be made available the same way they are posted for draws.

Re: Requesting pauses

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2018, 00:23
by V
Can’t say I agree, but it’s the mods really that have to cope with this type of crap, so I’ll defer.
Would Anonymous requests help in your opinion? Maybe less opportunity for tactical denials?

Re: Requesting pauses

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2018, 06:50
by super_dipsy
The way we handle pauses is it is a bit like finalizing. We don't think it is right for anyone to be pressured into it.

The point is that when you join a game, you are making a commitment to play that game and meet the deadlines it has. I completely understand that people can have some real life issues that cuase them to want to freeze the game for a bit, but apart from an extremely small number of cases where someone may be totally unable to play such as if they are in hospital or in one of those vanishingly rare places where there is no phone/wifi/anything access, the vast majority of pauses I suspect are people who don't WANT to play at that time. Perhaps they do not feel they can give the game their complete attention, perhaps they are stacked up with work and can't afford the time to give the game the attention it deserves, perhaps they are going on holiday for a week or so. I can understand that in this case people might want to pause the game, but with the greatest respect the point is you joined a game and committed to play; assuming you are not flat on your back or have no connectivity for any device at all, how much effort is it to just get a few orders in? Of course, you may not play as well as you would with 100% focus, but that is not really other players' problem is it? How many of the Pause requests are really because a player is truly unable to conitnue?

This is why it is anonymous, just like finalizing. Yes we have an honour code (in as much as you can have one with a game like Diplomacy ;) ). And yes, people often try to take into account a personal request for help. But the point is if you are looking forward to the game continuing only to have someone request a pause, it should be a free choice. You should be able to either graciously put your own desires second and agree, or decide you want to continue the game as it is supposed to run with no comeback on you.

Re: Requesting pauses

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2019, 16:07
by Pete the Great
I just ran into this in a game and was unsure how it worked.

1) If sounds like from the discussion that the vote needs to be unanimous?
2) How is a vote counted for abstaining? I assume there is a deadline for submission as it is rather silly to have a pause request still active during/after the dates requested.
Example it is Jan 11 and I plan to go skiing on Jan 18/19 and request a pause for Jan 17 to 19.
2a) What happens on the 17th?
2b) What happens on the 20th assuming the request is still out there?

Re: Requesting pauses

PostPosted: 30 May 2020, 07:09
by Pops2112
Posting to this thread from a few years ago to ask related questions on the Pause Request mechanic here ...

1. If the requested processing exception period ends prior to the next order deadline, and it is accepted, does that just mean orders are not processed during the pause period, or does the order deadline get extended by the length of the exception period? So, for instance, suppose a 3-day game with order deadline 12:00 hrs. on 1 April, and a Pause Request for 2 full days, 30 + 31 March, that is accepted, does the order deadline become 12:00 hrs. on 3 April? If so, is that true even if the Pause Request is only finally accepted by everyone quite late, say 23:00 hrs. on 31 March?

2. Is there any workaround for a situation where one player has effectively quit the game but without surrendering (no communication, NMR last turn generating Hold orders by default (not a Protected Game)) and does not respond at all to the Pause Request, but all other players want to accept it and have accepted it?