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Re: Inapproriate Communication

Postby Audacia » 10 Sep 2020, 15:39

FloridaMan wrote:
NoPunIn10Did wrote:As to the problem of Diplomacy being a "club for older, mostly white males," that is absolutely something that the hobby as a whole should work toward correcting. Having a more diverse playerbase will give the game a better chance for a thriving future. However, I don't think a game whose very essence is manipulation, negotiation, and betrayal is a good match for a setting that bans all profanity.* Diplomacy is not a game suited for social norms about good sportsmanship, and that can easily be one of the reasons why people who play it specifically enjoy it. Making it a more restricted, polite space undercuts that selling point and very likely would not bring about "twice as many possible opponents."

I would just like to note that as a younger (under 30) Black male player, I myself have used profanity in heated in-person Dip situations (though only very rarely online).

I do not think making Diplomacy sites free of naughty words is a good goal. I am all for keeping ethnic, gender, religious, etc. slurs out of the game, but in my 100-something or 200-something games on this site, no one has ever used any of those (aside perhaps from "bitch") in any game I've been a player in. People have certainly said things that bothered me, but one grows a thicker skin.

Conflict is an important part of life, and it's an absolutely essential and unavoidable part of Diplomacy. Some conflicts are profane. And that's okay.

Anyway, perhaps I've just been lucky, but I don't think the site's culture is unwelcoming.

Firmly agree with FloridaMan here. It's been a very welcoming place for me as a woman. But, when I can get enough of a rise out of a player he offers to father my children, or tosses words that that rhyme with snitch, I know he's lost his cool and his head cannot be fully in the game. That's a win, because now maybe he'll make a mistake. I like my foes making mistakes.

And please, let's not change it to a fluffier, nicer place. I'm not here to pet kittens. Real life is tough. Can we have one place left in the world where the gloves came come off and we can actually fight, outside of an actual battlefield?

BTW, my sons are sometimes on the receiving of profanity in their games (all three are 17 or younger here). They think its beautiful when others lose their cool and they can move in for the kill. Please don't take their school of hard knocks away. There are so few places left to thicken one's skin.
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