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Fall 1454

PostPosted: 24 Aug 2010, 07:12
by TheYank
The Fall Orders have been resolved!
I apologize for the late resolve. My computer wouldn't turn on! :shock: But it's fixed and things are good. I also apologize for the multiple reminders. Just wanted to make sure we could continue without an NMR. And we did!! :D

Next Deadline
One retreat, FRANCE, and once that comes in we can move on. Latest deadline:
Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 8 EDT

Please be thinking about, sending in builds! Once the retreat is in, I'll add the map, but the quicker we get builds in the fast we can get to the next year.

Map with Moves
Fall 1454 with Moves.jpg
Fall 1454 with Moves.jpg (109.94 KiB) Viewed 1532 times

Final Map
Fall 1454 Final.jpg
Fall 1454 Final.jpg (101.84 KiB) Viewed 1532 times

Ottoman Turks - mr bump
F. Bul supp A.Con to Greece - invalid order; fleet is on EC not SC; changed to HOLD
A. Con to Greece - bounced
F.Aeg Conv A Con to Greece - convoy failed
A.Arm to Sev - bounced

Poland-Lituania - Caladin
Nor hold
Ukr to Rum
Sev support Ukr to Rum - support cut

Venice - kaiseralexander
A Trieste-Venice
A Serbia S Russian A Ukraine-Rumania
F Greece HOLD

France - shavemybaby
hol to bel
mar to swi - bounced
gas to bre - bounced

England - Zebb
ENG>BRE - bounced
EDI>SMY via rocketship - :lol: illegal order; changed to HOLD

Holy Roman Empire - Sanguinem
F Kie s English F Nth-Hol
A Mun-Swi - bounced
A Bud H

Spain - QueenOfHearts
Spn S GoL->Mar
Rom Hold

Re: Fall 1454

PostPosted: 25 Aug 2010, 13:17
by shavemybaby
grrr everybody hates france :x