Classicists Re-organisation

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Classicists Re-organisation

Postby rick.leeds » 03 May 2015, 12:34

In consultation with the Classicist mods, the Classicists group will be under-going some re-organisation; in fact, it has already begun. I'm not going to give full details here as that's JonS' thing ;) What I will say is that there are two major changes that have been put in place and are waiting to be implemented.

1. Usergroups
The Classicist group is now becoming a series of usergroups. You won't see them as being free to join as usergroups as they are 'hidden' groups. This means that becoming a member of these groups is only possible when the Classicist Mods add you. These groups can be sent a PM by a member of the group.

2. Changes to the Classicist 'Games looking for players' sub-forum
This sub-forum will eventually become accessible to Classicist usergroup members only. This means that any game advertised within the sub-forum can only be seen by members of the Classicists. This has been set-up to prevent non-Classicists joining games meant for Classicists only. Within this sub-forum there are now also sub-forums for different usergroups: Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze. THESE sub-forums can be accessed by any Classicists of the appropriate rank and above, eg 'Bronze+ Games' can be accessed by any Classicist who is Bronze or above, 'Gold+ Games' can only be accessed by Gold and Platinum members. Aspiring members can post in the main body of the sub-forum.

How do these changes affect applications?
Effectively, they don't. If you want to join the Classicists, applications are still made through the Classicist sub-forum as they are now. Similarly, if you're applying to a different group, this should be made through the Classicist sub-forum as it is now. The only change as far as applications goes is that the Mods will - if the application is successful - place you in the appropriate group(s).

How do these changes affect games advertising?
For now, they don't. These sub-forums have not yet had permissions enforced because the Mods haven't had time to place Classicist members in appropriate groups. When this is completed, the new sub-forums will be unlocked (I'll sure they'll announce this). What it WILL mean, in time, is that if you're starting a game for Classicists, or advertising for a Classicist replacement, then you'll need to post in the correct sub-forum. Please note, if you post in the main 'Games looking for players' sub-forum, it will be seen by all members of the Classicists; if you post in 'Bronze+ Games', Aspiring Classicists won't be able to see the game; if you post in 'Platinum Only Games' only Platinum members will be able to see this.

Well, there have been problems in the past with non-Classicist members advertising games within Classicists; more importantly, perhaps, there have been problems with non-Classicists joining Classicist games because they've been able to see the game advertised. This will prevent members who are not Classicists, or who are not of the desired level, from seeing any games advertised.

However, at present - and unless it is decided otherwise - you COULD still post in the main Classicist sub-forum. This would mean that anyone seeing the game could still join it. General permissions in the Classicist sub-forum are currently the same as anywhere on the Forum.

But is it necessary?
It may be that the number of usergroups is changed or that the sub-forums within 'Games looking for players' are re-structured. After all, the more a group is narrowed down, the more difficult it could be to fill a game.

Will there be any more changes/
That will depend upon what the leadership decides. It could be that permissions are changed for other sub-forums, perhaps making some Read Only for non-Classicists, for instance. However, none of these changes are irreversible.
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