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Balkans END--DIAS

PostPosted: 30 Jun 2010, 03:57
by QueenOfHearts
Well, it's over in a DIAS. Great game, except for lack of interest at the end.

I'd like to hear AARs, and feedback on my GMing and the map.

Re: Balkans END--DIAS

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2010, 14:17
by BoomstickS
Come on!

Give some AAr's!

(I really like to read them! :))

Re: Balkans END--DIAS

PostPosted: 07 Jul 2010, 03:44
by vaderi
well, my thoughts...

first off I got into this game just before I realized I was in too many games so I was very distracted during this game and it showed in my timelyness (with orders) and diplomacy.

in the first 2 years I played the game as essentially a gunboat except for Albinobadger who I go to school with and I was able to talk with him quite a bit. Everyone seemed surprised by my opening attack agaisnt Italy and Russia but I was trying to protect my flank while I attacked Russia with Turkey who I had a deal with to destroy Russia then deal with Italy. I expanded slower than I would have liked but I didn't mind because Russia was taking a nosedive and I had acquired Rumania.

However things got really weird and perhaps I can get an explanation with his AAR but in the 3rd year just when we started to communicate and decided to work together to stop Turkey, Italy stabbed me. I needed to recapture Austria and I would have but Italy Supported Austria against me. so I withdrew to my core provinces to defend myself against all comers but Italy got desperate and came to me looking for aid against Turkey, with Russia essentially dead (not that he stayed that way). I agreed though I had no intention of following through, if he had wanted my help he shouldn't have stabbed me when I was still in a position to help him, so I took Venice. in 1905 I continued to attack Italy and tried to rally forces to attack Austria again. then the game ended, I think it was the right decision to end then.

I realized Rumania was a stone tied around my neck as soon as I had it, I couldn't leave it and I couldn't keep it, I managed the balancing act for a little while but when Italy stabbed me I knew I had no chance to keep it.