MaccCon 2020

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MaccCon 2020

Postby Phlegmatic » 12 Nov 2019, 13:09

Good morning all,

The next MaccCon will be taking place on the weekend of 14/15 March 2020.

It is intended that this event be part of the resurrected UK Tour event that the legendary Dave Simpson has very kindly agreed to assist with.

The format will be an open tournament over two days. The exact scoring system and format are yet to be agreed, but will probably follow a fairly standard tournament format - I shall be getting advice from Dave on what has worked best historically.

I also hope we can have a separate board for players who love the game but are not so keen on tournament play. Variant play is also very welcome - we will certainly have an Ancient Med board, and probably others will be brought.

I am optimistic we can get at least 3 boards for this event. If you can commit early I would be grateful, so we can gain some momentum with the numbers.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Re: MaccCon 2020

Postby Brumark » 12 Nov 2019, 18:48

It is likely I will be there, although I did return with a grey hair from last time so may decide my blood pressure can't take it
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Re: MaccCon 2020

Postby dib » 13 Nov 2019, 00:25

Sounds good. Was lucky to fit in 3 good games at MaccCon 2019 Autumn edition.
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Re: MaccCon 2020

Postby Jack007 » 13 Nov 2019, 09:21

Count me in, for classic game (no center count, no game end from outside the game, draw based ranking only) or variant play.
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Re: MaccCon 2020

Postby Claesar » 26 Nov 2019, 16:59

I might join again!
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Re: MaccCon 2020

Postby Strategus » 26 Nov 2019, 18:14

I shall be there to defend the crown.
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