The 2018 Tournament Through Time (Index & Overview)

Hosted by Nopunin10did. It will feature five maps. Each map will be contested by part of a team, and each team will compete in four of the five maps in total

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The 2018 Tournament Through Time (Index & Overview)

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 25 Aug 2017, 17:01

Tournament Information Index

  1. Preparing for the Tournament
    1. Index & Overview
    2. Dynasty Preregistration
    3. Dynasty Management & Naming
    4. Communication Guide (Slack, Imgur, & PM's)
  2. Playing in the Tournament
    1. Scheduling (Game Starts & Ends)
    2. Power Auction & Selection Procedure
    3. House Rules & Orders Submission Schedule
    4. Scoring
  3. Official Variant Maps & Rules
    1. Common Ruleset for DP-based Variants
    2. Transcribed Rules: Ambition & Empire
    3. Transcribed Rules: 1812 Overture
    4. Transcribed Rules: 1900
    5. Transcribed Rules: 1936
    6. Maps & Rules Link: РАСПАД (Dissolution)
  4. Game Subforums
    1. Ambition & Empire Subforum
    2. 1812 Overture Subforum
    3. 1900 Subforum
    4. 1936 Subforum
    5. РАСПАД (Dissolution) Subforum


The 2018 Tournament Through Time

The Tournament Through Time is a campaign of five variants to be played on the PlayDip forums. Ten small teams of players, called Dynasties, will compete for ~11.5 months across variants spanning over 230 years of history.

There will be prizes (of some kind) awarded to the Dynasty with the best overall score as well as to individuals who perform exceptionally in individual events.

Note: This overview is adapted from the previously posted "Preview" thread on this forum.

What is a Dynasty?

Think of a Dynasty like a team of athletes in Track & Field. There are multiple events and teams of different sizes. Some teams field the same athletes for several events, while others delegate. A Dynasty will be similar. Your Dynasty will have some number of players that will stay connected throughout the tournament. Each Dynasty will compete in four of the five games, chosen (or assigned) during the power selection process.

Within those four games, it's up to your Dynasty to determine which member plays what. Your Dynasty should also be able to provide substitutes and replacements should they be required.

There will be ten Dynasties total, and there may be a pool of free-agent alternates to help with replacements in a pinch. Your Dynasty will compete for glory across the series of variants.

What Variants will be Played?

The following five variants will be played. A current version of the rules & map is linked for each variant. At least three of these variants (1812 Overture, 1936, & Dissolution) will receive additional rules and/or map updates well in advance of when they're played, but those updates aren't likely to be drastically different from what is linked.

Ambition & Empire
  • 10 Dynasties playing 10 powers
  • Set in 1763, just after the Seven Years' War. This variant introduced the Diplomacy Points (DP) system for voting on neutral units' orders.
  • Approximate Start Date: January 1, 2018
  • Recent Rules
  • Created by Baron VonPowell & Jeff Kase, with collaboration from W. Alex Ronke for version 6.0
  • Max length for tournament: 7 game-years

1812 Overture
  • 6 Dynasties playing 2 powers each
  • Set in 1811, in the Napoleonic era, just before the start of the War of 1812 in North America and the Patriotic War of 1812 in Europe.
  • Approximate Start Date: March 19, 2018
  • Transcribed Rules
  • Created by W. Alex Ronke
  • Max length for tournament: 9 game-years

  • 7 Dynasties playing 7 powers
  • Set in 1900, this popular variant captures the spirit of classic Dip, but with some tweaks to the map and rules to provide it with more historicity.
  • Approximate Start Date: May 3, 2018
  • Transcribed Rules
  • Created by Baron VonPowell
  • Max length for tournament: 9 game-years

  • 7 Dynasties playing 7 powers (and 2 factions)
  • Set in 1936, just before the second World War and at the outset of the Spanish Civil War. Two of the powers (Italy & the Soviet Union) control one Spanish faction each in that conflict. This is a DP-based variant.
  • Approximate Start Date: June 28, 2018 June 7, 2018
  • Transcribed Rules
  • Created by Charles Feaux de la Croix
  • Max length for tournament: 9 game-years

Распад (Dissolution)
  • 10 Dynasties playing 10 powers
  • Set in 1992, just after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. This is a DP-based variant that also features permanent neutral units, Wing units, and a system of tracking foreign relations between your power and the neutral Nuclear powers.
  • Approximate Start Date: October 4, 2018 September 17, 2018
  • Example Rules thread from the first playtest
  • Full Rules and Files (hosted off-site):
  • Created by W. Alex Ronke
  • Max length for tournament: 6-8 game-years, depending on schedule (currently slated for 8 years)

Scoring System and Turn Limits

Each variant will be played and scored using a rank-based system inspired by the Carnage & European face-to-face tournament structures. Solo winners will get a huge amount of points to reflect a "real" win. Draws will include all survivors (DIAS), and players will receive points based on their rank and SC's at game end. Full details can be found here. This system should provide opportunities for Dynasties to formulate meta-game strategies as they move from era to era.

Rank-based systems are not typical to variant games, but they work very well with games that have a maximum number of turns. This will be the case for the Tournament Through Time, as each variant will be terminated in a draw after a preset number of game-years. This will prevent any one variant from running overlong, and it will limit the amount of concurrent overlap between variants.

Slack Communication and Other Miscellany

PlayDiplomacy uses a popular, easy-to-administer technology called phpbb to run this forum. Overall, it's a fairly good system with several features. However, one of the things that phpbb forums do poorly is person-to-person private messaging. It's workable, but it's not mobile-friendly, and it lacks many of the features found even in a typical email client.

To that end, I will also create and moderate a Slack "team" to facilitate all inter-player communication except for orders submission. Please see the Guide to Using Slack for more information about how it will be used during the tournament.

What Next?

Dynasty Preregistration has already begun. If you have interest in playing or observing the tournament, reply to that thread.

Further administrative details, including Slack setup and first-round power selection, will be handled in December 2017. Assignments for the first round will be announced on January 1st, 2018, and then the tournament will officially begin!
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