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  • Three Kingdoms {All Maps Lost}
    8-player variant set in China starting 220AD. Created by Tom Blazevic (Magmaniac) & TheRedArmy. GM: Magmaniac. GM set DIAS with 5-way draw - drakarst (Shu Han). Blammo! (Funan), Steppenwulf (Kushan), TheRedArmy (Yamato). deanchuk (Goguryeo)
    22 Topics
    154 Posts
    Last post by Pedros View the latest post
    22 May 2010, 16:56
  • Time Travel Diplomacy {All Maps Visible}
    A game in which players accumulate points to alter past orders. Designed and GM'ed by Marsman57. Ended in a 3 way draw shared by EpicDim (Egypt), Aeschines (Greece), and Nanooktheeskimo (Rome)
    Moderator: Morg
    35 Topics
    119 Posts
    Last post by Don Juan of Austria View the latest post
    06 Oct 2016, 08:25
  • The Two Towers {All Maps Visible}
    A 5 player Middle Earth variant by Terry Kuch and Don Miller. GM'ed by Nopunin10did.
    Moderator: Morg
    45 Topics
    105 Posts
    Last post by VGhost View the latest post
    21 Nov 2016, 22:27
  • United States Diplomacy {All Maps Lost}
    10-player variant set in North America with 50 USA supply centres. Created & brought to site by tarheel86. GM: tarheel86. WINNER: shavemybaby (Florida).
    61 Topics
    160 Posts
    Last post by Freddafred View the latest post
    06 Feb 2012, 23:53
  • Vain Rats [Games 1-6] {Maps Visible in 5+}
    7-player game on the regular map, originally by Richard Sharp with many modifications. Each country has extra Major and Minor Powers (abilities). Introduced by cheesers52. {Some Maps Visible in game 4}
    177 Topics
    1985 Posts
    Last post by Strategus View the latest post
    27 Jan 2020, 17:16
  • Vanishing Borders {All Maps Visible}
    Regular game except that borders disappear randomly each turn! Devised and GMd by GhostEcho. Draw: England (carter342) and Austria (Zadaron)
    51 Topics
    219 Posts
    Last post by Pedros View the latest post
    18 Jun 2013, 17:45
  • Viking [Games 1-3] {Maps in 2 & 3}
    8-player game with standard rules, created by Erlend 'Joe' Janbu. {Final Map Visible in game 1}
    82 Topics
    340 Posts
    Last post by Nanook View the latest post
    25 Feb 2017, 06:08
  • Versailles [Games 1-3] {All Maps Lost} <Variant Advanced to Main Site>
    Variant set in Europe starting 1929 with players controlling a major and a minor power. Created by Martin Kennedy. Brought to site by thegame.
    74 Topics
    501 Posts
    Last post by ninjaruler View the latest post
    11 Jul 2012, 07:04
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