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  • Octvarine {All Maps Visible}
    Based on the Discworld Universe. GMed by Janepeg. Solo Winner: Agatean {MadeofMeat)
    31 Topics
    138 Posts
    Last post by Antigonos View the latest post
    02 Jul 2015, 05:07
  • On Topof the World ("Gobble-Earth") {All Maps Lost}
    The 14-player variant game "On Top of the World". Brought to site by Snake IV. GM: Snake IV. Winner: jeanphi(?) (England)
    16 Topics
    297 Posts
    Last post by Brewtzar View the latest post
    27 May 2017, 04:39
  • Othello [Games 1-3] {All Maps Visible}
    Regular game except that capturing an enemy Home SC captures units created there as well. Devised by Morg
    113 Topics
    411 Posts
    Last post by VGhost View the latest post
    23 Mar 2016, 20:18
  • Pandemic Diplomacy
    5-player Exploration variant created and GM'd by Aeschines
    Moderator: Morg
    3 Topics
    30 Posts
    Last post by condude1 View the latest post
    03 May 2019, 20:16
  • Pericles {All Maps Visible}
    7 player game devised by Minister X and set in ancient Greece. Standard rules (with land bridges.) Introduced and GMd by Morg. Winner Messenia (Pharaoh of Nerds)
    49 Topics
    118 Posts
    Last post by Pharaoh of nerds View the latest post
    10 Nov 2013, 05:43
  • Post-Modern Diplomacy {All Maps Lost}
    13-player variant on an expanded map of Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East. GM: thegame
    14 Topics
    179 Posts
    Last post by Pedros View the latest post
    26 Nov 2015, 19:53
  • Pure Diplomacy {All Maps Lost}
    A four-player game on a conventional map but without units: provinces are gained by Diplomacy only. Created and brought to site by kininvie. GM: Palin.
    10 Topics
    75 Posts
    Last post by Pedros View the latest post
    16 Aug 2011, 15:30
  • Pure Dip 7 [All Maps Visible]
    A map variant with 7 starting spaces, a center, and an outer edge. Developed by Aeschines. Solo'ed by Chaserh11
    13 Topics
    90 Posts
    Last post by W0bbly View the latest post
    25 Apr 2018, 19:59
  • Quadrophenia {All Maps Lost}
    28-players, four per country, with an anonymous rotation for who controls the country, played on the standard map. Created by Dunkelseele. GM: Dunkelseele. game ended with no resolution.
    40 Topics
    421 Posts
    Last post by Jaded Knight View the latest post
    09 Sep 2009, 20:52
  • Reconquista {All Maps Visible}
    A four-player game of set in Iberia in 1150. Created and introduced to the site by Thomas Blazevic (Magmaniac). GM: Magmaniac. Inconclusive ending.
    22 Topics
    145 Posts
    Last post by Pedros View the latest post
    01 Oct 2011, 18:47
  • Renaissance Diplomacy [Games 1-3] {Maps Visible in Games 2&3}
    Modified map variant set in beginning 1454. Created by Earle Ratcliffe and Michael Cuffaro. Brought to site by TheYank.
    80 Topics
    410 Posts
    Last post by Antigonos View the latest post
    26 Oct 2015, 19:59
  • Rise of Imperialism [Games 1 & 2] {All Maps Lost}
    An 11-player, multiple maps, world variant under development, starting in 1800. Created by deanchuk & Tooth1066.
    40 Topics
    541 Posts
    Last post by Tooth1066 View the latest post
    13 May 2010, 07:27
  • Root Z {All Maps Visible}
    14 players on two Regular maps connected in the Western Mediterranean area. Developed by Phil Creed, Tom Hyer and Mark Nelson and introduced and GMd by Blackfish and attitudes; Winner: Morg (Italy1)
    Enjoyment rating: :D :D :D :)
    57 Topics
    263 Posts
    Last post by Blackfish View the latest post
    27 Jan 2014, 07:50
  • Royale [1&2] {All Maps Visible}
    Diplomacy plus all the messy family business of Royalty. The relationship status: "it's complicated." Created by John Pitre.
    198 Topics
    457 Posts
    Last post by marsman57 View the latest post
    13 Jul 2016, 20:34
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