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  • Balkans Diplomacy [1 Game] {All Maps Lost}
    4-player variant set in Spring 1901. Created by QueenOfHearts. GM: QueenOfHearts. GM ended the game in DIAS 4-way draw.
    23 Topics
    144 Posts
    Last post by vaderi View the latest post
    07 Jul 2010, 03:44
  • Baltic [11 Games] {Maps Lost for 6}
    4-player variant. Created by David Caldwell. Modified & brought to site by Redbird. {Final Map of game 3 visible, Maps of game 7 visible from April 17th on}
    Enjoyment rating: :D :D :D :D
    256 Topics
    1276 Posts
    Last post by Pedros View the latest post
    03 Oct 2015, 09:42
  • Barbaria [1 Game] {All Maps Lost}
    8-player game set in 6th century Europe. Multiple units are allowed. Designed by Russell Tulp, introduced and modified by DiploNEV. GMs DiploNEV then BigBert. game started 7 April 2012 and ended with no resolution.
    21 Topics
    267 Posts
    Last post by Bluewolf View the latest post
    23 Jul 2012, 19:47
  • Battle for the Skies [1 Game] {All Maps Lost}
    Variant played with standard countries and map but with aircraft. Created by Jus. GM: Jus. game ended with no resolution.
    17 Topics
    108 Posts
    Last post by overlord170 View the latest post
    22 Sep 2009, 00:43
  • Battle Isle [3 Games] {Maps Lost for 2}
    6-player synthetic variant. Created by René Krokowski and Frank Bacher. Brought to site by
    Enjoyment rating: :D :D :D
    116 Topics
    776 Posts
    Last post by Pedros View the latest post
    10 Dec 2013, 17:46
  • Battle of the Sexes [1 Game] {Opening & Final Maps Visible}
    6-player game in two teams of three representing Femdomia and Maledomia. Created by "Odd Creator" at webdiplomacy, introduced by Shibabalo and GMd by attitudes. Winner Matronia (Phatality)
    5 Topics
    46 Posts
    Last post by Phatality View the latest post
    02 Nov 2013, 01:10
  • BeNe 1450 {All Maps Lost}
    Five-player game based on the Low Countries in mid-fifteenth century. Standard rules. Designed and GMd by BoomstickS. Began 3 May 2012
    24 Topics
    123 Posts
    Last post by BoomstickS View the latest post
    27 Aug 2012, 13:36
  • Black Hole Diplomacy {All Maps Lost}
    Variant in which random spaces become black holes turn by turn. Introduced by Pedros from a variety of older, similar games and GMd by Pedros. Winner: Radical Pumpkin (Italy)
    Enjoyment rating: :D :D :D :)
    43 Topics
    453 Posts
    Last post by Pedros View the latest post
    04 Dec 2012, 06:22
  • Blitzkrieg [4 Games] {All Maps Visible}
    8-player game on an expanded map of Europe set during WW2. Created by Stefan Mrdja. Introduced by Pedros.
    181 Topics
    710 Posts
    Last post by Don Juan of Austria View the latest post
    21 Jan 2020, 03:41
  • British Isles Regional Diplomacy {All Maps Lost}
    1901 British variant. Created by Andy Tomlinson. Brought to site by Jobson15. GM: Jobson15. game finished with no resolution.
    5 Topics
    42 Posts
    Last post by vaderi View the latest post
    08 Apr 2010, 22:09
  • British Diplomacy {All Maps Lost}
    Modern British variant. Created by coolcam262. GM: coolcam262. game ended with no resolution.
    6 Topics
    149 Posts
    Last post by Pedros View the latest post
    24 Jun 2011, 06:11
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