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  • 1492 [2 Games] {Maps Lost in 1}
    game in which Europeasn nations explore the (a) New World. Created by Edwin Godfrey and introduced by TribalDominator. Enjoyment rating: :D :D :D :)
    25 Topics
    108 Posts
    Last post by Pedros View the latest post
    05 Sep 2013, 09:00
  • 1600 [3 Games] {All Maps Lost}
    9-player variant set in Europe. Created by Tommy Lawton. Brought to site by poflaco.
    213 Topics
    1184 Posts
    Last post by connect4 View the latest post
    19 Jan 2012, 00:12
  • 1700 [1 Game]
    8-power European historical game created and GMd by Pharaoh of nerds. 3-way draw between Britain (pjkon), Russia (letram13), and the Ottomans (Shibabalo)
    57 Topics
    450 Posts
    Last post by Pedros View the latest post
    29 Jul 2013, 18:27
  • 1740 : War of the Austrian Succession [1 Game]
    7player variant with standard Diplomacy rules, devised and GMd by VaeVictus. Winner: Ottoman Empire (Pharaoh of nerds)
    Enjoyment rating: :D :D :D :D
    42 Topics
    192 Posts
    Last post by Odd Creator View the latest post
    05 Mar 2014, 07:48
  • 1792 (Napoleonic Diplomacy) [1 Game] {All Maps Lost}
    6-player variant designed by BoomstickS and GMd by attitudes. Draw between Russia (haroonriaz) and Prussia (BoomstickS)
    35 Topics
    242 Posts
    Last post by haroonriaz View the latest post
    16 Aug 2012, 20:59
  • 1812 Overture [6 Games]
    A multi-continent game in which each player plays two powers in their attempt to win on a map centered on Europe and the North Atlantic set in 1812. Created by Nopunin10did.
    100 Topics
    425 Posts
    Last post by haroonriaz View the latest post
    08 Apr 2020, 06:01
  • 1870 [1 Game] {All Maps Lost}
    5-player variant based around Asia Minor. Created by Spekulatius & brought to site by Yhanthlei. GM: Yhanthlei; winner: slayer666
    30 Topics
    149 Posts
    Last post by diplomat42 View the latest post
    02 Sep 2011, 22:34
  • 1900 [7 Games] {Maps Lost 1-6} <Variant Advanced to Main Site>
    Variant with a map of extended Europe. Created by Baron Powell. Brought to site by Snoopymate25.
    Enjoyment rating: :D :D :D :D :)
    269 Topics
    1978 Posts
    Last post by Mouse View the latest post
    13 Dec 2012, 03:38
  • 1905 - Stars and Stripes [2 Games]
    A 1900 variant with the addition of USA as an 8th power, devised by VaeVictus.
    Enjoyment rating: :D :D :D :)
    80 Topics
    414 Posts
    Last post by Pedros View the latest post
    11 Jun 2014, 13:02
  • 1905 Europe [1 Game]
    VaeVictus' 1905 map without USA, designed by VaeVictus himself. 7-player game, GM: Stanislaw. 7-player DIAS.
    15 Topics
    99 Posts
    Last post by VaeVictis View the latest post
    11 Oct 2014, 00:41
  • 1930s - World Diplomacy [1 Game] {All Maps Lost}
    8-player game in which players use Influence Points to control ten Minor Powers. Created by Pharaoh of nerds; GM shibabalo; 3-way draw between AardvarkArmy (China), Stnaislaw (Russia) and VaeVictus (France)
    62 Topics
    457 Posts
    Last post by VaeVictis View the latest post
    26 Feb 2014, 07:21
  • 1933 [1 Game] {All Maps Lost}
    5-player game set in Europe as the Versailles Treaty begins to break down; Players bid for control of minor powers. Designed by Pharaoh of nerds and GMd by asudevil. Draw between France (thelastchris) and Germany (BoomstickS)
    16 Topics
    258 Posts
    Last post by thelastChris View the latest post
    08 Jul 2012, 11:41
  • 1936 [1 Game]
    Seven-player variant set in the European theatre just before the start of World War II. Includes mechanics for the Spanish Civil War. Created by Charles Féaux de la Croix.
    0 Topics
    0 Posts
    No posts
  • 1938 [1 Game] {All Maps Lost}
    7-player European variant based on a WWII scenario. Brought to site by Niakan. GM: Niakan
    38 Topics
    193 Posts
    Last post by kogarfire22 View the latest post
    11 May 2011, 02:00
  • 2018 Tournament Through Time
    The 2018 Tournament Through Time. Conceived of and GMed by nopunin10did. Consists of Ambition and Empire, 1812 Overture, 1900, 1936, and Dissolution.
    180 Topics
    284 Posts
    Last post by NoPunIn10Did View the latest post
    17 Dec 2018, 18:30
  • 2019 Tournament of Swords
    Hosted by NanookTheEskimo. A partners tournament, with 4 rounds over 3 maps.
    15 Topics
    17 Posts
    Last post by NoPunIn10Did View the latest post
    09 Apr 2019, 04:19
  • 21st Century Dip [1 Game]
    A world map that includes nuclear weapons and a nuclear winter scenario. Created and GM'ed by Malevolence. Ended in an USA(Sleepyjim)/Indian(Imago Dei) Draw.
    Moderator: Morg
    19 Topics
    98 Posts
    Last post by I Love Italy View the latest post
    22 Jun 2015, 18:37
  • 5-Player Diplomacy [1 Game] {All Maps Lost}
    Played on an abstract map. Devised and introduced by Yhanthlei. GM - Yhanthlei. Draw between BigBert and Flight253
    19 Topics
    111 Posts
    Last post by nautalus View the latest post
    09 Aug 2011, 15:19
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