It took a few years but I get it now!!

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Re: It took a few years but I get it now!!

Postby Fuddin » 08 Aug 2017, 19:59

Pootleflump wrote:V - you have a bit of a fanclub developing (woop woop). Whilst I was trying to work out how to articulate how I felt, you nailed it. Couldn't agree more. The adventure is the diversity of people and personalities. Each game is different. Different challenges, different skills. That is its beauty.

I really like this.
springbutt46 wrote:Another point I may have failed to get across... is that when players see a solo as a possibility... I believe everyone else should band together if possible and stop it. Now that situation could inevitably lead to a draw of three or more players. That I believe should be viewed as unfortunate, but not unacceptable. I would hazard a guess in that case that the player who was going for the solo simply stabbed just a wee bit too early to get to that solo. Pure conjecture there also.


Thank you one and all for your comments. I appreciate them.

I don't get why this should be viewed as unfortunate. Solos should be hard to get. If the smaller players are able to band together and stop a solo from happening, then good for them! If this "unfortunate" situation never happened, then solos would be too easy to get.
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Re: It took a few years but I get it now!!

Postby DQ » 08 Aug 2017, 20:46

Many years of playing in draw-based-scoring tournaments taught me that the right way to play in those events was to look for my partners in the inevitable draw, and maximize my points. It did not make for especially fun events, although I won a lot of tournaments that way.

One of the reactions to this in North American tournament play was a shift to lead-based scoring systems, like Sum of Squares and Carnage. Now, there is no point in trying just "be in the draw" if you want to do well in the tournament - you have to have more dots. This makes for, IMNSHO, both better and more fun play. I played two games recently to 12/11/11 and 11/11/11/1 finishes, but neither of them was motivated by a desire to "get the draw" - it was a tense standoff of getting the most dots possible while ensuring that no one else had a chance to solo.

But the truest thing I've ever heard said about this subject is "trying to tell someone what they ought to be playing for is an exercise in frustration. Instead, learn what they are playing for, and see if you can get them that while you get what YOU want."

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Re: It took a few years but I get it now!!

Postby springbutt46 » 09 Aug 2017, 01:20

It is unfortunate in my view... and in my view only... as part of this debate because it's outcome is a draw with three or more players. I hope I have made it as clear as possible that this is my opinion only.

As to DQ's mention of the change in the way tournaments are played... and how that change has driven people to play for the solo... and end up in a draw, THAT is quality play. THAT is what I seek in Diplomacy games. That is exactly the kind of play that I am looking for. Where the real art and substance of the game is trying to get that unequivocal victory and if you have to get a draw because two other strong players were doing the same thing and you ended up in a stand off that couldn't be broken without a solo being the result... that is cool.

I hope all tournaments move to that format... nudge nudge wink wink DQ, see you in October eh??

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