Qatar crisis

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Re: Qatar crisis

Postby Cardlinger » 14 Jul 2017, 16:01

Personally, I think that so long as the Qataris continue to flow gas to the UAE and Oman through the Dolphin pipeline we can assume that the crisis has not escalated to alarming levels. Should Qatar cut off those exports and/or the UAE refuse to make payments, then Abu Dhabi and Dubai would have to power their air conditioners on diesel. Not sustainable - and potentially catastrophic for the local economy. Equally, if the GCC decides to blockade Qatari LNG tankers from leaving we would see LNG prices more than double around the world and cause crises in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. Qatar currently exports ~80 million mt of LNG per annum, about 30% of the global market.

Nice stuff, Guns! I guess this is what it comes down to - is it a blockade if it's not both ways, and is it just posturing if it's not escalated to the point where it affects global things (like LNG prices)?

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