11 Generals? In ONE GAME?!

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11 Generals? In ONE GAME?!

Postby super_dipsy » 18 Jun 2017, 09:14

When we did Escalation, we could only support the normal game maximum for each map. This is because to do more than that needed imaging / photoshop skills. However, then SaltySailor came riding over the horizon to save the day!

SS did the graphics for the later maps like Versailles and loads of other stuff, but had taken a bit of a break. His return though has allowed us to complete Escalation in all its glory! With much effort and hard work, SS has created the necessary graphics for us to have up to 11 players on any of the maps that support Escalation, which is all but Versailles. We still haven't got Versailles into the mix, but it is on the list.

So you can now have up to ELEVEN players on the classic, 1900, Milan and even Ancient med maps (that HAS to be pretty crowded!).

But this does bring up some other issues. We have already had some suggestions from people about the confusion that having a country name causes in Escalation because since you place all your units you may have no relation to any particular country on the map. With eleven players this is even more likely to be an issue. Particularly for newer players, they may find it hard to get their heads around messaging Russia when Russia is in England :) . So for a bit of a change, all new games of escalation will not be played with countries, but with Generals! OK, a bit of poetic licence here, they are all WWI and WWII generals, which may look a bit odd on an Ancient Med map, but no more odd than playing with Sharks and Dinos ;) . In order to enable players to judge who is who, escalation maps will now have the generals listed around the legend together with their colours. For eleven player games this is very important because some of the colours are quite close (players of Versailles will recognize the extra ones!). In fact, the strong advice is to use the 'hover' assist facility that you activate through the My Account tick box so you can easily check the ownership of units in a territory.

When playing with more players, the minimum unit selection remains at 3. So in other words, in an eleven player game the board will start Spring 1901 with 33 units on the board :o . Going to be a bit cramped I think...

So summarizing (assuming ti works!):
- Escalation now supports up to eleven players
- Players will now be Generals rather than Countries
- The legend will tie generals to colours, but the 'hover' facility is the best way to identify particularly if you are playing with eleven
- Eleven players can now play on all the maps other than Versailles
- Remember you can't rank an escalation game

Huge thanks to SaltySailor, the baddest Photoshopper around :D

P.S. In case anyone thinks I have forgotten about the ranking buckets stuff, absolutely not. Just takes time to recreate alternate reality ;)
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Re: 11 Generals? In ONE GAME?!

Postby Don Juan of Austria » 18 Jun 2017, 20:36

Mind is blown away...! :shock: :D
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Re: 11 Generals? In ONE GAME?!

Postby ColonelApricot » 19 Jun 2017, 00:54

Brilliant, love it. Way better than Chaos.

Looking forward to escalation Versailles too.
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Re: 11 Generals? In ONE GAME?!

Postby DannyKelly » 19 Jun 2017, 02:53

Awesome !!!
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Re: 11 Generals? In ONE GAME?!

Postby Groo » 19 Jun 2017, 07:12

If I were not a poor student without a job, I'd buy premium ASAP :o
it's still on my bucket list though, I know it's cheap. :lol:

Edit: can I rather help with something to earn it? I have 10+yrs Photoshop experience, some web development skills (that's how I survived my last few years), and some experience in gaming industry. I'd like to help develop this game, because I really fell in love with it.
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